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Windsor Valcinus

     Recognized as a Los Angeles Caribbean Champion of Change,  Windsor Valcinus is the Founder and President of The Caribbean American and Heritage Foundation (CAHFLA). His goal in the foundation of CAHFLA is to increase focus on issues pertaining to the cultural, educational, and economic development of Caribbean people, both at home and in the Caribbean diaspora of the US and beyond.

      Related to the arts and culture side of CAHFLA, Valcinus has been actively engaged in the business of international music production for more than twenty-five years. He works in the area of community organizing, shows, concerts, and festival management, with a particular focus on using Caribbean festivals and arts to foster economic development for various Caribbean causes.

     On behalf of CAHFLA and related culture and development initiatives, Mr. Valcinus is a frequent guest on radio talk shows, zoom meetings, and town gatherings. His speaking engagements have included the National Association of Security Professionals, the Congressional Black Caucus Conference, and many more. He has served on numerous boards and committees including the US Department of Commerce US/Caribbean Council Advisory Board; Black Leadership Forum; Carnaval Access Association; Caribbean Think Tank, and National Democratic Institute Los Angeles. Mr. Valcinus has appeared in media outlets such as Telemundo, National Public Radio, Leimert Park Television, and Carib-Nation TV, as well.

     Mr. Valcinus has been a frontrunner in the challenge of placing the topic of social exclusion and diversity on the agenda of multilateral development assistance. As a result of his pioneering work, he was invited to City Hall Seminar as an honorable guest in 2005 of the Seminars on Race and Ethnicity, in 2007.

      Valcinus is also the founder of Premiere Event & Promotion Services, Inc., which provides strategic foresight as a development futures consulting practice.  He is a member of the PALEF Advisory Board of Futures Society and is an emerging voice as an Indigenous Haitian Futurist.  

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