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Sponsorship and Grants Information

We are thrilled you are here. Our organization and our phenomenal teamwork, skilled multi-disciplined professionals and worry-free production execution all play a role in who we are. But our favorite part? Our commitment to you, attention to details, from start to finish, we need your help to fund your programs

As a Festival Sponsor, your company will be one of a limited number of exclusive companies that will have the unique opportunity to create brand affinity through direct association with a variety of festivals, shows, events and live entertainment that will take place throughout the year.


We are a team of multifaceted experts collaborating towards a common goal of excellence. With Lighting, Staging, Festival, Concerts, and Live-stream. We will always present uniquely-designed concepts to perfectly meet our sponsor’s needs to help us fund our programs.


Caribbean American and Heritage Foundation, Inc., located in beautiful Southern California, is a long-standing industry leader with over 35 years of production experience among our producer’s and staffs. Our success is a direct reflection of our dedication to our sponsors. We infuse ingenuity with skill to provide unmatched sponsors satisfaction and an epic
experience for all.

We’ve scouted some of the best talent in the industry and brought them together in a single place. With each department in-house, our operations are economical, harmonious and powerful. We are one team, ready to provide you one phenomenal production.

It all begins with a vision of funding our programs. A spark of inspiration that paves the way for great ideas; through rendering and visualization, we brainstorm, develop, and expand our sponsor’s vision by creating realistic goals of what our event sponsorship will look like. You will work with our team to ensure the foundation of your sponsorship is rock solid.

Anyone can have an idea, but not everyone can make it a reality. During this phase, our masterful team of event coordinators and producers, and designers create detailed model blueprints, construction methods, and structural considerations ideas. Once the details are approved, our production team brings it to life with our sponsor’s goals.

Your sponsorship vision is ready to be the life of the festival and our on-site team is here to make it happen. Early morning load-in? Tight turn-around? Keeping the festival venue pristine? We’ve seen it all and are committed to our sponsor’s success throughout the entire process. Together, with our sponsors, we can accomplish exceptionally anything.

Ensuring the stability of your stage and structure is our specialty. Our vendors have comprehensive experience building VIP stands, stages, beer garden backstage hang out in all shapes and sizes. Each project is precisely constructed to current engineering standards, covered by required safety permits and in compliance with local city safety codes.

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378 Redondo Avenue Suite 414

Long Beach, CA 90814


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