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Corporate Responsibility


Our Values

CAHFLA services endeavor to be synonymous with integrity and quality. We place the highest emphasis on integrity in all that we do and with all our relationships with our employees, customers, partners, affiliates, and vendors. CAHFLA values employees and promotes individual empowerment and diversity. We recognize excellence by encouraging responsible leadership through open communication, individual development, and continuous process improvement.

Our Core

Legacy, Integrity, Determination, Continuous Improvement, Teamwork, Excellence


Continuous Improvement

Listen, Collaborate, Design, Solve


Corporate Responsibility

CAHFLA is committed to pursuing its business endeavors while honoring our responsibilities to customers, employees, and partners.  Also, to the sponsors, artists, the City, entertainers, dancers, groups, volunteers, environment, and jurisdictions in which we conduct business.  CAHFLA believes that investing in our young people, preserving our heritage and culture, and business ethics, are some of the keys to our success.


CAHFLA is committed to the highest standard of business ethics and corporate governance, which are critical to our business integrity. We adopted a code of conduct and ethics that encourage honest and ethical conduct. CAHFLA believes in meeting the highest standards of honesty, integrity, and respect for each other, our customers, and our business partners. We promote responsible business practices at every level of the company our partners, vendors, and suppliers meet our high ethical standards as well. We comply with all applicable laws and regulations on bribery, corruption, and prohibited business practices. We strive to avoid even the appearance of improper influences as described above.

Code of Conduct and Ethics

Social Environmental, Health and Safety Management Plan, Healthy and Safety Policy Statement


As a global company, CAHFLA believes it has the responsibility to respect human rights, comply with international laws and invest in the Caribbean Island in which we conduct our business, Our  Caribbean people are the driving force behind our success. We are committed to maintain an equal, fair, safe, and healthy business environment and work to develop our people’s knowledge and skills.  We seek to preserve an organizational culture that supports diversity and innovative thinking, as we believe that the best ideas come from our next generation.

Tailor-Made Solutions

Expansion is an essential part of any solid growth strategy. While it’s important to expand into new sales channels and scales our operations, we also need to expand our product lines to truly achieve sustainable growth.  For CAHFLA many factors have influenced our decisions to expand our value-added services from our existing product line, into sponsorship, event Production, festival, and concerts. The core factors we considered are timing, customer demand services, and competitive costs. CAHFLA offers “Tailor-Made Solutions” which Provides full progressive event solutions with our programs.

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