Youth Development Programs

Caribbean American & Heritage Foundation Inc. is introducing the Youth Development Programs as comprehensive, well-coordinated evidence and research-based and economic development strategy. Your donation will support the following programs:


A highly structured, evidenced-based mentoring initiative that combines group and individual mentoring to achieve academic, socio-behavioral, and pro-social goals.

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I Am My Brothers Keeper

A uniquely designed mentoring program for men and boys that facilitates the development of safety and accountability networks that build trust to improve community quality of life and eventually affect policy and systems change. Through a series of community mentoring activities, social outings, and empowerment training and more.


(Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Education Initiative

Bio Future is a three-prong STEM education initiative that uses innovative Honda Foundation, Raytheon, Boeing, Verizon, Microsoft, the California Consumer Protection Foundation, and Zeta Rho Foundation all support this effort.

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Leadership Program:

The Executive Program prepares teens for work readiness, career development, and entrepreneurship through hands-on experiences and vocational life skills development.


The goal is to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in the real career world.  Accordingly, teens who want the opportunity, are ready to accept the responsibility, and are committed to entering the workforce or business world are recruited, trained, coached, and supported.

Teaching Gardens:

Teaching Gardens was created to educate students about the importance of fruits and vegetables, energize and excite them about produce, and introduce fresh produce into the diets of students and their families. Participating in the Teaching Gardens Program gives schools access to a variety of resources and support to help achieve these goals.


This is a Brotherhood Crusade partnership with the American Heart Association, Jaime Oliver Foundation, LA’s Promise, LAUSD and The California Endowment.

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Prepare Now
For Tomorrow

Sports-based youth of development initiative in partnership with the U.S. Soccer Foundation, PNAT targets high school-aged students and is designed to effect positive social change by addressing low academic performance, poor decision-making skills, low self-esteem, physical fitness, nutrition education, and poor life & social skills.

Youth Resource Center

The youth resource center is a partnership program with the Caribbean Development Department, to partner with Microsoft Elevate Caribbean Initiative and the community to improve educational and employment opportunities for 14-21 years old.


Caribbean school youth who are unemployed and out of school or at-risk of dropping out of school. The program increases educational and career-based mentoring opportunities by aligning youth with committed mentors, re-engaging youth in school, developing their vocational life and social skills, improving their academic skills, engaging youth in work experience volunteerism and internships, and eventually helping youth secure employment.


Financial Literacy Program

Taking Financial Control Money Management Program: This innovative program teaches 15 to 20-year-old youth to save 50% or more of every dollar they earn or obtain and features an Individual Development Account element that allows them to receive a 2 to 1 match on every dollar they save ($1,000 saved is matched with $2,000; bringing their total savings to $3,000.00). As a requisite part of their program, youth must attend financial literacy training and investment club meetings on a monthly basis.

Caribbean Financial Education Programs

Teaches the basics of personal finance and helps traditionally underserved individuals develop habits and attitudes about money that will influence them for the rest of their lives. In this sense, the program is based on the philosophy that learning about money is as important as earning it—and that effective money management results from disciplined behavior.

Additionally, the program instills positive new attitudes and behaviors into traditionally low-income individuals and puts them on a path to take control of their financial life by getting out of debt, developing their net worth, and accumulating wealth. It also encourages savings, instills prudent money management, introduces investment vehicles, and promotes good work ethics


Vocational Training & Career Path Program

A fee-free vocational training program that features basic skills (academic, life, and social), case management, career-specific training, practicum, internships, job placement, and ongoing support services. The program is completely free and available to all low- and moderate-income individuals.  


It is designed to provide a career path for unemployed individuals, under-employed adult workers, and individuals seeking a career change to improve their economic condition, stabilize their financial situation, and facilitate their dreams and goals

Business Computer Training Program

To be conducted in partnership with the Microsoft Unlimited Potential Partnership program, this opportunity serves both to increase access to technology and simultaneously seamlessly transition hard-to-serve populations into good-paying information technology (IT) careers. The latter purpose is an extension of the Vocational Training and Career-Path Program.


The IT curriculum involves instruction in hardware and software provided by a certificated, instructor. Its design is based on the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), National Education Technology Standards (NETS) for Adults.  In addition, instructors are trained in accordance with the NETS for Teachers, Preparing Teachers to Use Technology guidance

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Annual Back to School Event & Health Festival

Each year Caribbean American & Heritage Foundation anticipates serving more than 5,000 youth; providing them with dental screening and care products (Colgate-Palmolive), free haircuts, health and nutrition education, health screenings, resource and referral services, and school supplies

Soccer | Cricket &
You Camp

One of the most anticipated weeks of the year, the Books and Soccer Camp feature a week of instruction in math and science (Caribbean Science Center), financial literacy (sponsors by Wells Fargo and the National Bank of the Caribbean country), social development, personal development, health and nutrition, and, of course, soccer.  Caribbean Country National team  Coach and soccer legends will join a host of former and current Soccer players in bringing this fee-free camp to life.


The 2022 camp provided services to the youth of varying backgrounds including some sent from the Los Angeles County Probation Department.

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Playing Soccer

Soccer For YOU

An after-school program for youths 5-18 offers soccer instruction with an emphasis on social skills, health, and nutrition education, and mentoring. The program aims at engaging children in a minimum of 200 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity per week.

There are no eligibility restrictions or fee; for the Soccer program has a no-cut policy and is inclusive of all youth and those with mild disabilities. All equipment needed to play, along with nutritional snacks, and lunch is provided. The U.S. Soccer Foundation, the World Soccer Foundation, Nestle and Laureus Sport for Good Foundation support this initiative.