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Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Our Mission

The Caribbean American and Heritage Foundation, Inc., is organized to partner with, collaborate, and assist cultural organizations that bring consciousness to the rich, luxurious history of Caribbean and Caribbean-American arts and culture. The foundation works not only to help the various communities in accomplishing all our efforts in an expression of the arts and entertainment with our goals and objectives in business and financial stabilization.


Our Vision

We serve through our research, policy analysis, advocacy, education, understanding, willingness, and our action. We will partner with different organizations and institutions as necessary to accomplish our goals and VISION of prosperity and sustainable economic development of our Caribbean American societies; we recognize these goals are possible through promotion of our civic engagement in the diaspora.

Every day members of the Caribbean diaspora contribute to share prosperity in the USA; as well as in the Caribbean region. We contribute to America's wellbeing through their participation in all walks of life from the military to the board rooms, to the school rooms as we strive to make better lives for ourselves, our families, and communities. We also contribute to the wellbeing and welfare of the Caribbean region through remittances of treasures, time and talent to families and schools and churches.

We at CAHFLA envision Caribbean societies where economic, political, and social advancement is a reality for all, and where all peoples thrive and work toward a SMARTER and HEALTHIER CARIBBEAN.  


CAHFLA is dedicated to building bridges between Caribbean Americans and the US population at large and advocating for the wellbeing of the Caribbean American community.  The mission of the CAHFLA program is to knowledge the contributions of Caribbean immigrants to America, and to open a dialogue between Caribbean peoples and the American people. CAHFLA program is to ensure that Americans at large are advised of the many and great contributions of immigrants of Caribbean heritage to this nation.

We believe all youth can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

We Need Your Support Today!

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